Documents Missing from Dynamics CRM Navigation Menu

Have you configured Sharepoint to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, but found that documents are missing from Dynamics CRM navigation menu in some places?

Quick fix

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a native integration with SharePoint to give you a repository of documents in CRM linked to contact or client records. From any record in CRM, you can click on a “Documents” tab, and create, edit or remove documents. Anyone viewing that record in CRM (with appropriate permissions) will be able to see and access those documents. The documents sit in the context of CRM but are actually stored in SharePoint, and can also be accessed from there.

Demonstrate The Differences

We were working on setting up a new demonstration system and came across a strange issue with the Document Management Settings in CRM. Even though Document Management was enabled and configured correctly, we were only seeing Documents in the navigation structure for some entities.

What we worked out was that Documents was missing from the navigation section on the particular forms we were using. The simple solution was to edit the form, and manually add Documents back in to the navigation. Publish the form and now everything is working as planned.