Voice of the Customer – Getting Started


Over the past few weeks I have been learning more about some of the functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. One that I found a particular interest in is the Voice of the Customer application. It allows you to create surveys right within the Dynamics solution. This is not one of your everyday sections like Sales or Marketing and as such isn’t as widely known, but it really does have great uses.

What is it like?

I found this application very easy to navigate and to construct the survey with a little bit of prior knowledge on how Dynamics CRM works. It provides a wide range of question types to present to the customer, with a my favourite being the use of emojis to gauge feelings! I do understand that this may not be for everyone but there really is a question format to suit all your needs. Some other pre-built questions I found beneficial include Net Promoter Score, Rankings and Customer Effort score. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Voice of the Customer. Having this wide range of pre-built formats really allows for any question to be asked and provides ideas for additional questions missed in planning.


The survey builder has quite an effective interface when creating rules such as showing/hiding a field depending on a previous answer and making fields compulsory. In the survey I built for Total CRM this was highly beneficial for developing and presenting later questions.

I did have my frustrations. I found occasionally that options I had changed would format back and it wasn’t always obvious how to execute some layout changes, but it didn’t take long work through any issues.

How Easy

Overall, I found Voice of the Customer very user friendly and a simple way to build an in-depth survey for any purpose. This, in conjunction with it being within the Dynamics solution, makes Voice of the Customer one of the best survey builders for online distribution.