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What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a sophisticated software platform that allows you to store and organise all of your customer information. This software platform comes in various forms so you can choose something that is best-suited for your business. It will help you keep track of all your customers and their interactions with you.

Why do you need CRM?

CRM systems allows you to capture and store all leads and helps you improve your sales. CRM doesn’t just store your customer contact information, but it also allows you to add notes and observations. That can have an impact on all future communications with your customers. You can use this information in your marketing efforts or in future conversations. In addition an efficient CRM platform will allow you to schedule emails, set automatic responses, send SMSs, remind you to contact customers at a set time, etc. Different platforms offer different levels of automation. The software will remind your sales people to make the follow-up call at the scheduled time. You can program your CRM platform to send lead nurturing emails and content at regular intervals. CRM platforms allow you to track your investment in marketing and see the ROI. While products and services bring money into the business, customers are your most important assets. CRM helps you gain more leads and nurture them into becoming customers. A business with a well-established customer base is more valuable than a business without one.

Who uses CRM?

CRM can be used across different departments within an organisation like sales, service, HR, accounting, marketing etc. It helps every department to manage the customer interactions in the best possible way and drives business success too. It could be related to customers, prospects, stakeholder, suppliers, employees, or colleagues etc. When all the important details are stored in one place only then you can identify sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, service issues quickly all at one central location. Additionally, all customer data would be available in one place and you can access the details when you need it instead of the location of your team.

Is it safe to store data in CRM?

Surely storing your data in a harddrive in your place of business has to be safer than in the cloud right? Dead wrong! Your work computer, terminal server and/or personal laptop are easy targets for cyber criminals, subject to a host of potential issues. From viruses, to theft, your data is most vulnerable whilst in your possession. Cloud computing addresses this issue through stringent data security, constantly tested, so that you don’t need to worry. Cloud-base CRM systems, your data has the same level of data security as a multinational company, a big bank, and or a government organisation, at no extra cost. You never have to worry about theft or viruses because you operate your business out of an internet browser. If you lose your computer, you can simply log in on another computer. No interruption to your business!

How do you choose a CRM?

CRM Systems are available in different shapes and sizes to suit any business type, budget, use case and infrastructure. The options are limitless. If you are interested in a CRM system contact us to help you on your way.

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